Discover Music


Musical discovery sessions that help young children find their 

musical talents and affinities in an encouraging atmosphere.

Playful sessions exploring a wide range of musical instruments
to allow the child to choose which instrument to specialise in.
Discover Music is a natural extension of our Baba Lala program.
A game-based introduction to more formal theory and practice.
We encourage doing Discover Music with a musical buddy,
so that you can continue the fun on play-dates  discovering
& learning together.

The costs is $36.30 for a private session, which is essentially a private game-based music lesson tailored to your child's age and interest. Buddy lessons are $27.50 per child.

In the sessions the kids get to play a number of different instruments and we begin teaching them all the fundamentals of music in an enjoyable, age & stage appropriate way.

Penny Lanes Music Work Shop from Adrian Hoffmann on Vimeo.